PREDICT is located on the Copenhagen Campus of Aalborg University in the heart of the South Harbor of Copenhagen.

PREDICT is founded in collaboration with Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University, and the Danish National Research Foundation. The purpose of PREDICT is to study and unravel the cause and prognosis of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) that are chronic and disabling disorders affecting millions of people worldwide.

Based on unique patient samples from the Danish National Biobank combined with longitudinal nationwide register data we are able to examine genetics, epigenetics, antibodies, inflammatory markers, metabolomics and microbiomes on thousands of patients. By combining these data with long-term clinical data, we expect to obtain exclusive novel basic science information on the biological mechanisms underlying the development of IBD and the heterogeneous course of IBD, including the differential need for and response to treatment (personalized medicine).

PREDICT is organised as a broad, national and interdisciplinary collaboration between six partners located at Aalborg University, Aalborg University Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Statens Serum Institut, and the Capital Region of Denmark, involving both clinicians and basic scientists. Apart from the national partnerships, PREDICT also has strong international collaborations with e.g. Harvard Medical School, Mount Sinai NY, University of California, Imperial College and Sorbonne.