Academic writing in English E2017

To publish in international journals, you need to write competent and professional academic English. This course for academic/scientific staff at AAU is designed to help you publish your research in English. It provides advanced training and coaching in the effective communication of complex ideas in accessible written English. Insight into good written English is provided in class and immediately followed by practical application. In the workshops, we primarily focus on the text you are currently working on in your research and help you develop the skills you need to improve it. In other words, the benefits of the course are both immediate and long term.

Lagt online: 03.07.2017

The themes addressed through a combination of instructor presentations, exercises and workshop activities include coherence, cohesion, sentence structure, grammar/syntax and punctuation. Other topics will be selected to meet needs assessed on the basis of the texts participants deliver for the workshop sessions.


The aim is to increase the participant's competence in writing complex material for academic and non-academic audiences.

Target group

Academic staff and research students of any discipline who need to communicate in written English at a high level. Participants need to be reasonably competent users of English to benefit from the workshops and coaching activities: the course is designed to activate, improve and optimise the resources you already have.

Price: DKK 2760
Place: AAU Aalborg
ECTS equivalents: 3
Min number of participants: 10
Max number of participants: 20
The course instructor: Andrew Fish

For further information please see the LACS website

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